Fall Here We Come, and Thank You!

I don't know about all of you, but I am ready for fall! Many smoothie drinkers tend to love them in the spring and summer and when fall and winter come they think it's to cold to drink smoothies. Smoothies are especially important in the fall and winter because of the vitamins and minerals they offer your body in a season that is especially high with colds, germs and overall sickness. 

This fall, Smoothieme will offer a pumpkin smoothie for all of you that love all things pumpkin. Also in the line up will be at least one option that contains ginger - a powerful root that is great for immune boosting. Ginger tea is also an easy warm drink to make during winter - simply peel the ginger and boil it in water and drink it with some local honey or just plain. You can also do this in warmer months and after you make it, let it cool and put over ice and sip all day long.

Thank you for supporting my small business. As most of you know, I started Smoothieme to help fund our international adoption from Ukraine. Our adoption has been on hold since February 24th - the day Ukraine was invaded. Our soon to be son follows all of the smoothie posts and loves to see others purchasing the smoothies knowing that it supports his journey to get here, so THANK YOU!

Please never hesitate to ask about the smoothies, let me know your favorite, or really any feedback - I love to hear your smoothie experiences! You can also always tag me on Instagram @smoothieme_kc. 

Thank you Kansas City!

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