Welcome to Smoothieme!

Welcome to Smoothieme!

Welcome! I'm Jessica, the founder of Smoothieme. After drinking smoothies for over 10 years and developing my own flavor combos, I decided to start making them for friends. I did a few and then was asked to make them for a few cancer patients that needed a liquid only diet. From there, I was asked to make them for other people, and realized that people on the go needed an easy and nutritious way to start their day, so Smoothieme was born. 

One step back - in 2011 after my daughter was born and losing my job, I went back to school online and got my nutrition certification from Cornell. I have always had a passion for nutrition and helping others, so Smoothieme is a great combination of both. 

We are blessed with two daughters - one of them loves smoothies and the other one is more selective about which ones she enjoys (she loves Vanilla Almond Delight(ful) - which gave me even more encouragment to find flavors that are kid and adult friendly.

About the same time I decided to launch Smoothieme, our family decided to persue international adoption of a teen boy. Any and all profits will go towards our expenses in bringing our son home.

I am grateful to God for giving me this gift of smoothie making, and for opening the doors to our dream of adoption. 

We hope you and your friends and family enjoy Smoothieme smoothie bags!

To your health!


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